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On the 41st parallel, at the southern tip of Australia, lies an island famed for its spectacular wilderness: Tasmania. Beneath its waters lies a hidden world just as wild but even more beautiful. A refuge to some of the rarest and most endangered species on earth. A Tasmania few have ever seen. Tasmania Down Under: the Great Southern Reef.

Tasmania is a marine environment like no other….. it's a temperate environment where over 80% of the marine life are found nowhere else on earth except here on the southern shores. This stunning colour and diversity is showcased over 200 vibrant pages using some of Australia's best photographers.

A schools resource kit will be developed for Primary and Secondary schools to support marine education, conservation and science initiatives in the classroom. It will also include the ‘Love Where You Live’ campaign which will engage stuents in a number of activities including litter surveys and the development of short videos (which they will write, film and edit) to document the uniqueness of Tasmania, its threats and what the community can do to help protect it.

It would be a shame if the incredible imagery we've captured remain only in the pages of the book and documentary. We also don’t expect people who don’t know or don’t care to go into some stuffy exhibition space to see them. So we’re going to put them into high profile public locations around Tasmania. What a better way to get people to make the connection with what is under the water when they’re at the beach or walking along the coast during summer? Ingenious, we know.


A free library of underwater photography and cinematography for schools, community groups and key stakeholders to use in their own education and conservation initiatives.

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