On the 41st parallel, at the southern tip of Australia, lies an island famed for its spectacular wilderness: Tasmania. Beneath its waters lies a hidden world just as wild but even more beautiful. A refuge to some of the rarest and most endangered species on earth. A Tasmania few have ever seen. Tasmania Down Under: the Great Southern Reef.


In a stunning impact documentary with footage never before seen, we discover one of the world’s most biologically diverse marine environments. A unique and fragile reef more colourful than any other. A junction of three oceans that forms a one-of-a-kind microcosm of habitats and species. In this underwater wonderland, more than 80% of all marine species are found nowhere else on earth. Dinosaurs that swim. Dragons that dance. Fish that walk. Most charismatic of all are the cheeky acrobats in fur coats: Australian Fur Seals – our playful guides through this vast landscape.


Underwater mountains and forests. Drowned river valleys. Ancient sponge gardens that explode in kaleidoscopes of colours. On a journey that reveals the secrets of this watery wilderness, we come face to face with the menacing king of crabs. Witness the miracle of the world’s most endangered fish give life to her young. Visit a rookery of more than 18 million Shearwaters - the amazing migratory seabird.


Each day on the Reef is a struggle for survival. Territories are invaded. Thieves and assassins lie in ambush. And the same isolation that created this eclectic mix of marine life has made it vulnerable to turmoil in a modern world. While some species adapt to a changing environment, others will disappear… and still more wait to be discovered.


After ten thousand years, this is just the beginning.

Production: OceansIQ and French co-production.

Broadcast: Distributed world-wide including Australia

Post Broadcast: The documentary will be available for streaming and download on the site with captions available. T documentary will also feature in the schools education kit.